Original limited edition hand-cut stencil prints

                     every print is unique, and one of a kind.

Landry has formed her own OG style of creating beautiful and original hand crafted stencil prints. One might consider it a more "hands on" type of screen printing. She hand cuts her designs from bristol paper, mixes all of her own paint colors, and applies the acrylic paint to each layer with a foam roller, creating a one of a kind print each time.  All prints are numbered, and printed on high quality acid free rag paper.


Email Landry85@gmail.com for more details.

*availability and inventory of stencils is always changing due to sales and stocking venues,

option to rush reproduction of prints available for a fee. 

                                                     22" x 28" - $150

                                                      18" x 24" - $125 each

                                                       15"x 15"  - $65 each

                                                     12in x 12in- $45 each


                                                   (plus tax and shipping)

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